At the moment this website will have 5 categories which are

  • Everyday  Picture Blog*
  • Travel Diary
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Anime
  • Books

As you can see there are not much at the moment but soon there will be more. I am just trying to find out what else I could put in here. I am trying not to overwhelm myself in blogging so this will be all for now at least.

About the Categories

Everyday Blog

The title explains it all already. I will have a featured picture of the day and a one sentence explanation. Below every post will be a link and that link would expand the story of the day.

This will be about what is happening in my life everyday and what I am feeling maybe. I will make it to the point that I will always do this and update. Blogs are done every morning right after I wake up before I do everything else. This is the only way I can do it well.

Travel Diary

I will put all the pictures that I will have in here of the new places that I go to and those places that I’ve been before but didn’t get the chance to make a blog. Today I only have one from when we spent one week in Hong Kong. There were nice places there and temples. I hope soon I get to do places in Europe too.

Throwback Thursday

This will be about the things before I made this blog. All those things from childhood, old pictures and the likes. And as the name suggests this will be done every Thursday of the week. This will be nice and I know I would have so much fun doing this one.


This category will be about animes that I watched or those that I heard of. It could also be about my thoughts on anime. Basically that’s it.


Of course this one is about those books that I’ve read, am reading and will be reading in the near future.

*If you want an expanded version of the posts in this category you can go to this link.



What do you think?

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